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Web Applications

Web applications are bread and butter of our business. All of the products we build today are either web applications or have a web core component. We deliver: Responsive, Reactive, Scalable, Available Web Applications

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Mobile Applications

Almost all of the applications that we build have at the very least a mobile component to it. In most of them major pieces of functionality are mobile applications. If you are planning to deliver iOS, Android or Hybrid App we have the answer.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Today not only computers are connected to the web, but many other devices. Large portion of applications we build focus on managing connected assets (people, vehicles, machinery, etc.)

About myVenueLive

Contract Software Development that Works

myVenueLive LLC is a software house funded in 2009. Most of our business today comes from contract development. We help our clients build their software products acting as their development arm. Our clients range from startups with software product ideas to established companies who want to enhance their product growth strategies by adding our expertise and resources. The rest of our efforts is focused on building our own commercial product which we started recently. This undertaking is fully funded from our contract software development business. You will find more information about the "secret product" as soon as we will have a good idea when we are going to launch it. Stay tuned!